Since manners have been described as a sensitive awareness to the feelings of others, it is important to strive to retain this awareness at all time to maintain good manners. One way to retain this sensitivity is to consider etiquette as a system based on four major facets- courtesy, consideration, camaraderie, and class.
Courtesy concerns listening rather than talking, not interrupting someone, being particularly sensitive to the needs of the elderly, standing when someone enters a room or your work-space if possible, and using phrases such as ‘Please,’ ‘Thank you,’ and ‘pardon me.’
Consideration acknowledges that there are many other people sharing a limited amount of space on the planet. This facet of etiquette involves keeping your voice down, not cutting people off in lines or on highways e.t.c.
Camaraderie means thinking of yourself as a team player and not always trying to promote your own achievement. Try not to keep a meticulous record of every favour you are ever owed, or you will feel miserable. Know that when you feel like you are part of a team, everyone will enjoy working with you.
Class concerns your demeanour, which should aim for cordial rather dour (unfriendly). Be pleasant and do your best to please, even when others are unpleasant or direct foul moods at you.
Etiquette is based on a system. Over time, the system will work for you – if you can only get out of your way long enough to allow it to.

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