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Did you know that an average human being now has an attention span of 8 seconds? Yes, 8 seconds! The question that comes to mind now is, how does this fact affect the teaching and learning process?  One thing is… Read More

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One of the challenges faced by teachers of English language in Nigeria and Africa in general is how to make the pronunciation part of the lesson interesting such that students will look forward to it. Many teachers of English language… Read More

Up your Pronunciation in English with these Five Tips
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Speaking is a fundamental language skill in the life of anyone. As a matter of fact, people will put you on a particular rung on the social ladder by the way you speak. Excellent pronunciation is one of the skills… Read More

I’m not Am
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If the goal is to make a positive social impression via your diction, you need to pay attention to every word that makes up your expressions. There are seemingly ‘little’ expressions that have the potential of determining how your speech… Read More

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The phoneme /aʊ/ is often mispronounced as /ɑ/, especially when it precedes /n/. This would make phonemes /aʊn/ sound like /ɑn/. Hmm, quite un-English! You want to sound English? Then fully realise the /aʊn/ sounds. So try pronouncing these words… Read More

When we meet people, it is essential that we salute/greet them
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This include saying good morning, good afternoon or good evening as the time demands. When greeting, it has been observed that the stress placement is wrong. The right way to greet is: Good morning: /gʊd ˈmɔːnɪŋ/ Good afternoon: /gʊd ˌɑːftəˈnuːn/… Read More

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#regalspeech #Englishdiction

5 years ago no Comment

Good morning #Englishdiction #regalspeech #confidence#

Writing Tips
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When doing Strategic Writing, cut down on the use of the exclamation mark (!). If you need to make ‘big’ statement, let your words do the job for you. Appropriate use of adjective will come handy in this situation. For… Read More

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Since manners have been described as a sensitive awareness to the feelings of others, it is important to strive to retain this awareness at all time to maintain good manners. One way to retain this sensitivity is to consider etiquette… Read More


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